On October 18, the SEC announced the launch of a new Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology (the “FinHub”). The FinHub provides an online portal for market participants to engage with the SEC on a range of FinTech-related issues, including distributed ledger technology and digital assets.

The FinHub contains a comprehensive repository of information relating to the SEC’s position on the issuance and transfer of blockchain-based digital assets, including links to key public statements by the SEC and its staff, prior enforcement actions, investor notices and opportunities for public input.

By clicking “Engage with FinHub” on the portal’s homepage, visitors are directed to a request form that enables them to provide the SEC with information about themselves and their projects and request a meeting or other assistance from the SEC staff. While a welcome indication of the SEC’s openness to communicate and collaborate with stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem, developers, entrepreneurs and other market participants should carefully review the SEC’s Web Site Privacy and Security Policy and consult legal counsel to understand how the Commission may use the information you provide through the request form and for assistance with the SEC outreach process.